Made in Switzerland to your specifications

Multipurpose robotic platforms

At Pulsed Power Systems, we design and build highly versatile, customisable robotic platforms for various payloads and applications.

Tailor-made robotic platforms

Flexible solutions, state-of-the-art research and development

Our robotic platforms are industry-leading due to a wide range of factors:

Highly modular and robust setup
Suitable for various payloads
Developed and assembled in-house

Developed and assembled in-house in cooperation with leading Swiss institutes

In-depth research

In-depth research cooperation with armasuisse S+T (the centre of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports)

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Engineered in Switzerland, applied worldwide across a wide range of application areas

Discover in interactive 3D how our robotic platform solutions adapt to various application areas:

PPS Robotic Platform


  • Robotic platform with water cannon Tornado¬†RC
  • Flow characteristics:
    2000 l/min
    Rotation: 370¬į
    Vertical alignment: -45¬į / +90¬į
Experience our robot during a fire drill
A red robot for firefighting purpose
PPS Robotic Platform

People Rescue

  • Equipped with a rescue stretcher
  • Semi-autonomous transportation of injured people
  • Stretcher can be easily connected via a quick-link system
PPS Robotic Platform

Smoke Ventilation

  • Robotic platform armed with a high-performance fan
  • Fast removal of smoke from (e.g, from buildings and tunnels)
  • Fans of different sizes and weights up to 300 kg can be applied
‚ÄĚOur robotic platforms are developed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the industry-leading engineering standards, can be flexibly adapted to worldwide customer needs and meet the highest quality requirements in terms of design and reliability.‚ÄĚ
Photo of Co-founder Emil Spahn

Emil Spahn



High-level engineering, made to your specifications

We are by your side, helping to develop the most innovative and best possible solutions for your business in line with the strictest Swiss quality principles.

Expert Engineers

Our team of experienced engineers holds a deep understanding of the latest technologies.

Swift Customisation

Our custom design and manufacturing approach enables swift lead times.

Collaborative Network Strength

Our vast partner network allows us to draw on the expertise of the other companies and organisations.


Pulsed Power Systems, Est. 2018

Pulsed Power Systems AG was founded in 2018 by Emil Spahn and Sylvain Pinguet.

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Next to our high-end robotic platforms, our engineering team offers consulting, planning, and project management services for pulsed power, electrical engineering, robotics, automation, vehicle electrification, and other related fields.

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Design & Engineering

Creation of high-quality designs and engineering solutions. Conception and layout of energy distribution systems.

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Manufacturing of prototypes and smaller series in own workshop. Wide network of established suppliers and partners to meet your requirements.

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Software & Programming

Development of custom software solutions meeting your automation needs. Extensive programming knowledge on different platforms including Beckhoff, B&R, and National Instruments. Development of next-generation Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions in cooperation with MRstudios.

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Performance of tests and acceptance measurements (also for your own products).

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Measurement Data Acquisition

Development of custom measurement data acquisition systems for high voltage and pulse power application. Tailor made, real-time data analysis.



Our solutions are applied around the globe in a wide range of application scenarios. Here are some of our prime references:

Deployment in the dessert under extremely harsh conditions. Various payloads including GPR (ground penetrating radar).

Technology Innovation Institute (TII)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Platform with independent suspension (damped chassis). Payload (rescue stretcher) to transport injured people.


Thun, Switzerland

Firefighting payload (water cannon). Deployment at different fire brigades. Long-term experience (applied since 2019).

Deutsches Rettungsrobotik-Zentrum (DRZ)

Dortmund, Germany

Pulsed Power Systems AG

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